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Folk East

"Every year there will be one or two artists that take the audience  completely by surprise.
This year Rodney Branigan was undoubtedly that artist, his name being mentioned in our feedback over and over again as peoples stand out act"

Under The Apple Tree

'Stunning Music'

Lichfield Live


Patrimonio Festival - France

"The discovery of Patrimonio"

Rhythm & Booze

"A First Class US Import!"

Paris Moves

“ Leave to cross France from end to end, because this is what we call a real discovery. A contemporary musician as innovative as the Boulez was in his time”

Music Muso

'If you're searching for something a little different, I strongly recommend you check this guy out, after you've witnessed his live show, you'll be singing his praises from the rooftops!'

Music Connection - USA

"Impossibly Talented!"

Blues magazine - France

"...the revelation of the year or even decade."

BBC Cambridge

"Living Legend"

Rhythm and Booze

"I can only say again, this man is unmissable!"

The Guitar Channel

"one of the great discoveries" 

Entertainment Focus

"undisputed jaw dropping talent..."

Acoustic Guitar - France

"A guitarist and singer to discover ..."

Rhythm and Booze

"an essential pick-up!"

Butterfly Music

"an accomplished artist with an essence of Simon and Garfunkel overtones, truly wonderful"

Bradford Roots Music

'Stupendous! Extraordinary playing, breath-defying vocals and great entertainment. The audience lapped it up.'

iGuitar - 5 page feature

"one of the fastest-rising stars of the acoustic guitar"

Slash Special - Interview & Guitar Lessons + Godsmack + Rodney Branigan - iGuitar Issue 11 Out Now!

Blues Rock Magazine

"Branigan’s raw talent is very impressive"..."Branigan blends blues, americana, and hip-hop (yes, you read that right) exquisitely." single review

There are a goodly number of young male singer/songwriters creating some splendid stuff in the folk world at the moment; John Smith, Kris Drever and Jim Moray being just three. Oh and Sam Carter�there's four. And With his new single She Bled Rodney Branigan makes a strong case for being added to this quartet."More please Mr B"


Northern Sky

"jaw dropping"

Music Week - UK


Acoustic Magazine


"Rodney Branigan Percussive Pioneer"

New Reviews - Interview @Glasonbury Festival - June 2014

Do More Magazine - UK - June 2014

With Guitars

Earl of Beaconsfield

"It was a truly astonishing night. And packed to the rafters. Thank you so much. He's absolutely extraordinary"

Music Industry Professional (MI-Pro)

"There is simply no way to describe this performance.."


The Ringmaster Review

a delicious piece of provocative and finely imagined rock n roll which perfectly shows why Rodney Branigan has become the growing whisper on the lips of so many.

Guitarist magazine

Guitar Techniques

"Guitar Wizard"



"One Man. 2 Guitars. Can Only Be Rodney Branigan. He's been called "impossibly tallented" - and they'd be right. "

Fatea Magazine


Music Maker

"All of his music represents passion and amazement in a style unique to him."

Music Connection

Rodney Branigan calls his music ”progressive folk fusion,” but that doesn’t do it justice. Clearly, he’s invented a new genre –– one that blends rock, folk, flamenco, madrigal, classical, bluegrass and jazz –– and, it all works. Most songs are instrumentals that are driving, thumping monsters. The vocal pieces are just as strong, but not quite as thrilling. Branigan plays music so compelling that you have to listen to it. It stuns the audience and hushes the room –– even in a bustling L.A. club.

Watching Branigan play is a mind-boggling experience. You look for the hard drive, because no musician could do what he’s doing. When no assistance is apparent, you wonder if he’s possessed. Playing three instruments at once –– two guitars (a 12-string and 6-string) and a tambourine –– his musical facility is so awe-inspiring that he kicks the “novelty” tag right to the curb. This is a real musician with extraordinary talent.

Branigan starts the show with one guitar across his knee, another resting vertically against his other leg, and a tambourine under his foot. He not only plays these instruments at the same time, Branigan also uses the guitar bodies for percussion. His sounds have attracted people passing by the club, who probably entered expecting to see a full band. Every single one of them was frozen in disbelief. Jaws dropped as patrons hushed newcomers who were asking, “Who is this guy?” No one wanted to miss a moment.

Rodney Branigan is one of the most amazing artists you will ever see. Not simply because he’s unique, but rather because he’s impossibly talented. Whether this artist made a deal at the Crossroads, or has preternatural abilities is unknown.

Tour Schedule

  • January 30, 2020
    Magnet Micropub, Broadstairs
  • February 1, 2020
    Drawing Rooms, Chesham, HP5 1DG
  • February 2, 2020
    The Victoria Inn, Colchester
  • February 9, 2020
    Hermitage Bar, Hitchin
  • February 20, 2020
    Leaf, Liverpool





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